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Ashaya Agro Farms


Executive Room

The executive room offers a sophisticated retreat, blending contemporary elegance with upscale amenities. Designed for discerning travelers, it provides spacious comfort and personalized service, ensuring a luxurious stay for business or leisure.

Bamboo Cottage

The Bamboo Couple room exudes tranquility and intimacy, featuring bamboo-inspired decor and serene ambiance. Perfect for romantic getaways, it offers a cozy haven where couples can unwind and reconnect amidst natural elements and thoughtful amenities.

Family Room

The Family room provides a spacious and comfortable haven for families to relax and bond together. Designed with convenience in mind, it offers ample space, versatile bedding options, and family-friendly amenities, ensuring a delightful stay for all members.

Other Services


Naturopathic Treatments

Best ever holistic approach to heal your body and soul!

Amanbagh Gallery - Explore Our Luxury Rajasthan Resort - Aman.jpg

Therapies that address the route cause of illness!

Massages & Therapies

“The past has no power over the present moment_” ― Eckhart Tolle.jpg

Rejuvenate your body and soul amidst lap of nature!

Wellness Programs


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